Cheers Bar

Welcome To Cheers! Enjoy Cold Beer, Good Food & a Friendly Atmosphere!

Welcome to Cheers Bar

Mary's Cheers Bar is a Friendly Neighborhood Bar.  Casual Atmosphere and dining.  It is a tavern with a Changing Variety of Tap Beers, as well as many of your favorite Bottle Beers.  Every Tuesday we have Beer Sampling from 6-9pm at no cost to you just your opinion on how good they are!  We have a large selection of top shelf liquors as well as a little of every spirit most people enjoy! Wine is also In Stock!  Darts, Four Flat screen Tvs, and Jukebox is here if you don't want to just eat and leave.  Saturdays is Karaoke.  Mary's  Cheers Bar is located at a Turnpike Exit and Route 72. We always have people from everywhere keeping us company!  A Food Special is every Day!  Kitchen is Open everyday at Noon.


Mary's Famous Chili

Mary always makes the Soups and Chili from scratch...The Best in Town!  

Open Mic Night

Every Wednesday from 7-10pm, we will offering an Open "Mic" Night at Cheers. Each week we have a different Musician come in to host the evening. We invite any local musicians social or professional to come jam their tunes and  have a very interesting night of music. Come in to enjoy their music in a relaxed atmosphere, have some food and a few drinks!  

Every Second Friday is Steak Night

We offer a Great Steak Dinner from 5-9 pm every second Friday..The Dinner is served with Baked Potatoes or Fries, Toss Salad and Bread! This month we are Offering Steak Tips on Toast, Homemade Meatloaf and Gravy and Fourth Friday is our Fresh Fry Night!   The month of April I will have my Baked Beef and Bean Enchiladas back and Chicken and Gravy over Homemade bread filling with gravy!

Fourth Friday Fish Fry

Every Fourth Friday we offer a fresh and heaping portion of fish that we bread ourselves and serve with fries and Cole Slaw.  Depending on what type of Fish we use the price will range from $12.00 to $14.00 a Basket. We prefer Polluck, but I like to try some other Fish Too! Serving time is 5-9pm.